Sunday, July 7, 2013


A lot's changed since my last post on this blog. I guess I've enjoyed the convenience of my less public Tumblr a bit more. I always feel so pressured to finish some eloquent or at photo-heavy entry on Blogger. On Tumblr, I can just type away some quick thoughts and publish them without a second thought.

Anyway, on the changes:

I'm single again, for the first time since first year college. A look into my recent prose and poetry will tell you that I'm still dealing with the sting of the break up.

For a number of reasons, I'm taking an extra year in college. I'm in a 5-year course, so I'll (hopefully) be completing it in 6 years instead. It was a very difficult decision to make, but after making it, I haven't regretted it for even a second. The pros have definitely outweighed the cons.

And the best change is one of those pros: I'm playing softball again. I'm training with the UP softball team, and I'm just ridiculously happy and grateful to have this passion back in my life. No more council or org positions on my plate, there's just one position on my mind right now..the one I'm trying to earn -a spot on the field :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Once upon a time, I had them -hobbies, I mean *points up at the title of this blog entry*

I used to walk into a bookstore, pick out a stack of graphic novels, a few books of short stories, a bit of poetry and laze around in my pajamas for half a weekend, dead to this world but very much alive in a completely new one (or two or three). Oftentimes, I'd spend the rest of the trip to the mall breaking the spine of my latest volume of Sandman. The threshold of each shoe and bag shop mama walked into was nothing more than a signal to dig into my National Bookstore plastic and fish Morpheus out.

I used to lay the music room floor, on my belly, making up new characters and sketching how I hoped to look, at 21 (not at all how I look now, I can tell you that) At a point, where teenage love seemed like such a huge deal, I attempted to draw a stranger I would have wanted to run into one fine day -in my very own meet-cute, as screenwriters call it.

I used to put on a baseball cap, stuff a jersey in a bag and spend my afternoons relearning the many different ways to throw a ball into a piece of leather as accurately as possible. For the longest time, this and the roadwork and the drills were my life and I'm actually not sure it should be in a post about "hobbies" as it was always much more than just that..

But regardless of whether they are to be classified as "hobbies" or not, they all have a few important things in common:
They took me away to other realities, for afternoons at a time.
They made up a great chunk of my childhood.
I'm not convinced they are out of my life, just yet, or that they ever really will be.


Something in my voice
changes (slightly)
when I talk to a parent;
when I give a speech;
when I conduct a meeting;
or gossip with friends.
It may be volume
other times, tone, diction
or all three, in varying degrees.
But there is a 
for you
and your cold ears, only